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Wilderness Camping

Wilderness Camping, in my mind, means camping in an area closed off to motorized car or boat traffic with minimal encounters with other campers. Many people believe that the only wilderness camping areas available are the BWCA (Boundary Waters Canoe Area) of Minnesota and perhaps the nearby Quetico of Ontario.  Other less known options exist, however, and these include:

  • Camping on a private lake or private land on a small river, if you are fortunate enough to know someone that will give you permission.
  • Camping in National Forests, County Forests, State Forests, and other lands open to the public as allowed. These types of areas are nice since they are often overlooked by the general public and provide even more "wilderness" than a designated wilderness area.  For more Information, Click Here.
  • Camping in designated "wilderness" areas other than the BWCA and the Quetico of Ontario.  More info is given here.