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Canoe Paddles & Canoe Accessories


OK, I will undoubtedly get some nasty comments from a few canoe "experts" out there, but I use plastic paddles.  Why?

  • They last forever - they never rot, decay, or weather

  • If speed is not an issue (as in trolling slow), they propel the canoe at probably 95% (my guess) of the speed of wood paddles

  • They won't break on a wilderness trip leaving you, well . . . up the creek without a paddle!

Length of Paddle? Use the following guidelines:

  • If height=5 ft to 5.5 ft, use 4 1/2 ft paddle
  • If height=5.5 ft or more, use 5 ft paddle

Canoe Anchors

Ok, here is where you can get really thrifty! The easiest, cheapest, (and best holding) canoe anchor you can use is a used front brake disc and a rope. It is flat so it easily stores under the seat and has built in holes for storage on the garage wall. A little noisy and definitely not something you want to show off to an elite canoeist!

For wilderness situations, you will want an anchor bag.  Just find a rock and place it in - instant anchor!  The pre-made ones cost about $15 (if you can find one) or you can make one simply by using a replacement net for a landing net with a very light rope threaded through the end. Shed the rock when you pack up!