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Canoe Transport & Canoe Carriers


There are two ways to transport a canoe:

  • Use pads and tie-downs:  Cost: About $30-$50

    Go to this canoe car carriers page to see how my canoe is secured with pads and tie-downs.  There are literally hundreds of variations and perhaps some variation will work better for your vehicle.  Make sure that there is a back-up hold-down in case any hold-down breaks, loosens, or comes free!  The middle hold-downs will hold the canoe on in event the front or back hold-downs loosen or come free. This is an inexpensive system but may scratch your car roof and is a little more cumbersome than a rack. I used this system for many years till I finally bought a new car and didn't want to scratch up the roof with pads/dirt/mud.


  • Use a roof rack and tie-downs: Cost: $250+

    This is a more secure system that won't ruin your car roof.  A problem I ran into was not too many sporting good stores know how to outfit you with a "canoe rack".  I ended up getting my rack components at - I went to the site, called their 800 number, and a customer service gear expert guided me through the process of ordering the correct products needed for my particular vehicle.  Everything was shipped to my house within a few days.  To see the system, go to the canoe car carriers page.