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Where to Find Wilderness Camping

  • National Wild & Scenic Rivers System - These offer some great wilderness-type camping with less crowds.  I take my kids for an overnight catfish fishing trip on one of these rivers each summer. Go to this directory to find a river in your state.
  • US Forests - Find A US Forest By State.  Inquire as to whether or not it is permissible to camp within the forest other than established campgrounds.  For example in Minnesota: Superior National Forest: Camping Allowed Anywhere within the forest unless posted.
  • County and State Forests, other public lands, & private land open to the public - You can often find public lands by searching platte maps of your county.  Also, many paper companies and utilities allow public use (check first!)   Your best is to locate online or purchase a Platte Map of the county you are looking to visit, and inquire further.  Many times these maps may be found online by doing a search with your county name in quotes and the word "maps" as shown below:

          You can do a Google search right here!